Rooted in the Heart of Mary -- Together

Immaculate Heart recently celebrated Mary’s Day, one of our oldest and most beloved traditions. The theme for the day, “Rooted in the Heart of Mary,” was chosen by the senior class to recognize both the day’s 101-year-long history and the deep sense of community shared at Immaculate Heart.
Father J. T. Tanner, S. J., began the day with a Mass in the school auditorium, which had been transformed with decorations reminiscent of the theme, complete with roots growing from a giant recreation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In his homily, Father Tanner praised the students for their work in creating the day and strengthening their bonds with each other after two years of disruption due to the pandemic.

Following the service, Associated Student Body officers led a procession to the quad, where ASB President Samara Holloway crowned a statue of Mary as the assembled school sang “Immaculate Mary.” ASB Secretary and Treasurer Grace Reynolds then conducted a group of students in a lively may pole dance, after which—for the first time in three years—the entire student body joined together to perform the Great Lawn Dance.

The festivities continued with poetry, song and dance relating to the theme, as well as activities around campus like seed planting and chalk art.

Once the formal program had concluded, students returned to the quad for potluck lunches and merriment. The day closed with students joyfully singing the Alma Mater.
A Catholic, independent college preparatory school for girls in grades 6 through 12, Immaculate Heart has been located on a beautiful hillside property in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles since our founding by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1906. We celebrate more than a century of nurturing the spiritual, intellectual, social and moral development of students as they distinguish themselves as women of great heart and right conscience.