Immaculate Heart believes that participation on an athletic team is a vital part of the education of a young woman. Being a member of a team provides students with valuable leadership skills, moral and social development, strong sportsmanship ideals and athletic skills. Students also learn about proper nutrition, physical fitness and hygiene as essentials to health and well-being.

We are proud of our strong, comprehensive and competitive athletic program, and encourage student participation at all grade levels. Our dedicated coaches make the athletic experience at Immaculate Heart a time to learn and grow, develop skills, and build lasting friendships.

High School Team Information

High School

The high school is a member of the Los Angeles Athletic Association (LAAA) under the California Interscholastic Federation and the Catholic Athletic Association.

Available seasonal sports are:
  • Fall: Cross Country, Tennis, Volleyball 
  • Winter: Basketball, Soccer
  • Spring: Diving, Softball, Swimming, Track & Field
  • All-Year: Equestrian
The Athletic Department, along with the student leaders in the Girls' Athletic Association, coordinate themed pep rallies at the beginning of each sports season to announce team members. Cheers, games and school spirit activities are held throughout the year. At the end of each season, the Athletic Department provides an evening banquet to honor athletes and coaches. An annual spring luncheon honors all scholar athletes who maintain a 3.5 or higher grade point average. Approximately one third of high school students participate on one or more teams at Immaculate Heart, and more than half are scholar athletes.

Over the summer, Immaculate Heart High School will offer summer sport conditioning camps for incoming and returning athletes. Visit the links below to learn more about these camps, or to register online.

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Middle School Team Information

Middle School

Immaculate Heart Middle School is a member of the Delphic League in which students compete with other private middle schools.

The school prides itself on a strong, comprehensive and competitive athletic program. Participation is encouraged at all grade levels. Our dedicated coaches make the athletic experience here at IH a time of learning and growth for students. Playing sports at IHMS is about more than just season stats – it is about developing skills, building friendships and an appreciation for the IHMS heart and spirit that each athlete represents.

The physical education curriculum and extra-curricular sports programs in place at the Middle School reflect our commitment to our student learning expectations, particularly in the development of a health conscious student who knows that proper nutrition, physical fitness and hygiene are essential to health and well-being. 

Available seasonal sports are:
  • Fall: Cross Country, Equestrian, Swimming, Volleyball A & B
  • Winter: Basketball, Equestrian, Soccer
  • Spring: Equestrian, Golf, Softball, Track & Field

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An independent, Catholic, college preparatory school for girls in grades 6 through 12, Immaculate Heart has been located on a beautiful hillside property in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles since our founding by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1906. We celebrate more than a century of nurturing the spiritual, intellectual, social and moral development of students as they distinguish themselves as women of great heart and right conscience.