Immaculate Heart High School encourages students to participate in activities as a way of fostering and promoting their leadership abilities as well as their personal development. The school offers a variety of activities for students to get involved in leadership roles, community service and extra-curricular programs.

Student life outside the classroom is coordinated by the Director of Student Activities in conjunction with the student council and with the assistance of faculty advisors. Many co-curricular activities complement the academic program as well, and reflect the widely diverse interests of the students.

List of 35 items.

  • Amnesty International

    This global organization is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people of all races, genders, sexualities, religions, and nationalities. The IH Chapter of Amnesty International dedicates itself to being informed about social justice. Its primary goals are to help inform the student body of domestic and global issues, to empower those that need a greater voice, and to promote human freedom and dignity.
  • Animal Advocacy

    Animal Advocacy members learn about animal rights issues and advocate for the compassionate treatment of all animals.
  • Asian Heritage Association

    This club celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander heritages and cultures, as well as sponsoring performances, guest speakers, assemblies and entertainment.
  • Associated Student Body (ASB)

    All students at Immaculate Heart are members of the Associated Student Body (ASB) and are encouraged to become leaders. As a member of ASB, each student has the responsibility to function as a conscientious citizen by supporting worthwhile projects initiated by the student council, and by entering into the process of selecting qualified members of student government.
  • Bamboo

    This student newspaper is written, designed and produced entirely by students.
  • Black Student Association (BSA)

    BSA enables young women of Immaculate Heart to appreciate and understand the African American culture within today’s society. BSA represents the rich culture and intellectual contributions of African Americans within the school campus and greater community. BSA members aspire to challenge themselves academically, foster interracial relationships in the community, and develop into models of the Immaculate Heart spirit. BSA hosts informational meetings, and performs cultural and historical presentations.
  • Board Games

    A club dedicated to playing board games of all types!
  • Book Club

    Moderated by librarian Tracie Thomas, the book club meets regularly to discuss current and classic books.
  • California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

    CSF acknowledges excellence in scholarship and promotes service to others through peer tutoring, presentations at the annual luncheon, college tours and book drives. As a special service, CSF also supports students with their first and second semester “study survival bags" prior to final exams.
  • Caribbean Culture

    Members of this club share and celebrate Caribbean history, culture and food.
  • Community Service Team

    The Community Service Team nourishes the spirituality of students with many opportunities for prayer experiences and service to others. Through school liturgies, grade level retreats and community service opportunities, students are engaged in the spirit of Christian fellowship. To find out more about these programs, please visit our Campus Ministry page.
  • Criminology

    For budding investigators, fans of true crime and mystery aficionados alike, this club explores the field of criminology and hosts simulated investigations for its members.
  • Culinary Club

    Students can foster an enthusiasm for food and cooking in this club, which gives students basic kitchen skills and teaches them how to cook different recipes throughout the year.
  • Dance Team

    The Immaculate Heart Dance team participates in pep rallies, assemblies and Genesians productions. Choreographed mostly by students, the team is open to all types of dance such as ballet, hip hop and jazz.  Students hold an annual gala to showcase the year’s work. They also attend an annual competition.
  • DECA

    Students interested in business and entrepreneurship join together to discuss the business world and build experience for college and future jobs.
  • EARTH Club

    This club gives students the opportunity to explore ways of preserving our environment and promoting a conservation lifestyle.
  • Film Society

    Students learn about the history of great cinema, and are given the opportunity to experiment with the techniques that go into making a movie.
  • French Club

    The club promotes an understanding of and appreciation for French culture. The club sponsors popular culture movie days, hosts an annual food sale of French delicacies, carols during the Christmas Program, and recognizes its outstanding members.
  • Future Voters Club

    This club is dedicated to raising awareness of how students can become involved in our nation's democracy and use their voices to make an active difference.
  • Genesians

    The Genesian Players present two major theatrical productions each year. Over the course of four years, a student with a strong focus in the performing arts can be cast in four musicals and four full-length plays that vary from dramatic to comedic and classical to modern. The shows are fully staffed with professional musical directors as well as dance and fight choreographers. The casting, rehearsal and performance process is designed to give students first-hand knowledge of theater as a profession.
  • Girls' Athletic Association (GAA)

    GAA promotes interscholastic sporting activities as well as intramural sporting activities. GAA sponsors events such as the highly anticipated spirit week, pep rallies, scholar athlete luncheons and the annual car wash. GAA also supports service programs such as a blood drive and the collection of athletic shoes for underprivileged peers.
  • Great Outdoors

    Students with a passion for the natural world join together to go on hikes and explorations of local areas, including Griffith Park.
  • Latinas Unidas

    Latinas Unidas provides the opportunity for students to celebrate major traditions of Latin culture from around the world. Members promote understanding through music, dance and sharing ethnic foods. Members participate in service projects throughout the year.
  • Liturgical Dancers

    Dancers present worshipful movement for several of the school's liturgies and prayer services, providing an alternative expression of our devotion to God.
  • Math and Science Club

    This club hosts activities and events that explore mathematical and scientific ideas in a fun, interactive way. In addition, the club offers peer tutoring in math and science. The club is also affiliated with Mu Alpha Theta and the Science National Honor Society, national organizations that encourage and recognize outstanding achievement in math and science.
  • Mock Trial

    This program helps students acquire a working knowledge of our judicial system, develop analytical abilities and communication skills, and gain an understanding of their obligations and responsibilities as participating members of our society. By participating in Mock Trial, students actively experience the excitement of working in teams, exchanging ideas, setting goals, and examining issues while interacting with positive role models from their communities.
  • Poli Sci

    This club is for students who want to stay informed of current events and learn about how to engage with America's democratic process.
  • Pop Culture Association

    A club for everyone who enjoys pop culture! From celebrating celebrity baby showers to watching movies and TV shows, students have a chance to engage with all facets of our popular culture.
  • Psych Club

    Students in this club learn more about the fascinating subject of psychology, and how the mind works.
  • SCIO Society

    This club brings together students who share common interests in animation and anime, science fiction, comics and graphic novels, video games, Japanese culture and more. 
  • Scribblers

    The school's creative writing outlet, for all aspiring authors, as well as anyone who wants to experiment with the written word.
  • Speech and Debate

    Speech and Debate is a fun and challenging activity that allows students to develop their writing skills, work on public speaking, develop self-confidence, and meet students from other schools. The team participates in local and national competitions throughout the year. Students also strengthen their skills in argumentation, critical questioning and research. Members of the team are encouraged to follow current events closely and to use their understanding of the world around them to enhance their speaking and argumentation skills.
  • String Theory

  • Student Council

    Student leaders are encouraged to seek out ideas, opinions or concerns of the student body, to sponsor school-wide activities, to foster student leadership within the school community, to give support to student organizations, to act as a clearing house for activities, and to work as an advisory group with the administration for the well-being of the school community.
  • Tech Team

    Students in the Tech Team have the opportunity to learn more about technology, from software to hardware, from code to robotics.

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