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Anne Mullins
How do you see & instill a passion for social justice in your students?
One of my lessons for Spanish II deals with the topic of immigration in the United States. I have my students find articles written in Spanish that deal with all facets of immigration (obstacles, hardships, current laws, success stories) and then view the film La Misma Luna (Under the Same Moon). Both the articles and film spark meaningful class discussions, and students also share personal stories related to this topic.
What is your favorite project to assign?
The project I assign in March for “Día International de la Mujer.” Students research a woman from a Spanish-speaking country who has made an impact and is an inspiration, then teach the rest of the class about her life and accomplishments.
What is your favorite Immaculate Heart tradition?
Mary’s Day — I love the pride and sense of community for this long-standing Immaculate Heart tradition. So much thought and innovation goes into creating this special day. It’s lovely to see everyone celebrating together as one big family.
What is your favorite spot on campus?
The lower balcony of the cafeteria. It has great views and is very peaceful when I go there during my prep period.
What is a must-read book that you recommend to all of your students?
Endurance by Alfred Lansing. If you love history and adventure, this is an epic story about polar exploration and survival.
What has been your favorite place to travel? Where would you like to travel next?
My favorite place to travel has been Patagonia. This beautiful region in the southern tip of Chile and Argentina was a dream trip come true. I traveled there in December of 2017 and backpacked the “O” circuit in Torres del Paine National Park for eight days. In 2019, I visited Cusco, Perú and did a five-day trek in the Andes that culminated with a visit to Machu Picchu. The history and culture were amazing. I am hoping to go back to Perú and hike/climb some peaks in the Cordillera Blanca.

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