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Mayce Makani
What do you hope students take from your classes?
Of course I hope my students learn the language and cultures of Spanish-speaking countries in my class. But learning another language is challenging! I want students to know that making mistakes is part of the process of learning — it is what we do with those mistakes that makes a difference. I never expect my students to be perfect. (That is why I discourage the use of online translators!) I expect my students to improve over time. If they remember nothing else from high school Spanish, I hope they remember that!
What has been your favorite teachable moment outside of the classroom?
As an adult leader on Kairos, I cannot express how much I appreciate this retreat. I learn so much from my students and it gives me time to reflect on my own spirituality. It is a time to share and connect without the worry of school schedules and sports practices and family obligations. All of our retreats have an aspect of this reflective time, but my favorite is Kairos.
Besides teaching, what other roles do you play on campus?
I have served as the moderator for the Culinary Arts Club, where students learn about cooking and baking techniques. Sometimes we get to taste dishes and drinks from students of different cultures and traditions. We have guest speakers that work in the culinary industry as business entrepreneurs as well as chefs. We have had presentations on healthy eating and snacking, as well as how to cook in a college dorm. We are open to new ideas and have worked with other clubs to bring our love of food to different parts of campus!

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