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Taline Kavazanjian
What is your favorite lesson to cover and why?
My favorite lesson in French II is learning about school lunches in French-speaking countries throughout the world. I love seeing students’ reactions to what other teenagers eat in Morocco, Belgium, Martinique and Canada. Students make cultural comparisons regarding food habits and discover new foods and culinary traditions. This topic allows for great dialogue on personal food habits and the influence one’s culture plays on one’s meal choices. The lesson leads to a culminating project where students design and present their ideal school cafeteria.
What do you love about Catholic education?
I appreciate the sense of community that goes beyond academics and athletics. Faculty, staff, parents and students are united in a shared vision and we are all committed to acting with compassion, love and service to others. As a teacher in a Catholic school, I am able to share and model my faith with students. I play an important role in helping students develop their faith by encouraging them to approach their moral decisions, actions and relationships based on Gospel values.
How did you know you wanted to be a teacher?
I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was a young girl! My favorite pretend play activity with my young sister was playing the role of a teacher. I enjoyed teaching a lesson using my Crayola chalkboard, making up a quiz and grading it with extra stickers. My passion for teaching led me to volunteer as a dance, language and Sunday school teacher throughout my high school and college years.

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