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Abby McCrate, Academic & College Counselor

Abby McCrate
How do you see & instill a passion for social justice in your students?
I’m CONSTANTLY invigorated by my students in our one-on-one meetings. They tell me about causes and groups they’re involved in — focused on compassion and provoking change, whether that be social, environmental, governmental, etc. Our students are so active & educated about the causes they believe in. When they share their endeavors with me, it keeps me passionate about the same causes and prevents me from sliding into complacency. I’m SO grateful to them.
What do you hope students take from your sessions?
That they are IMPORTANT. That they are VALUABLE. They don’t have to be anyone else or achieve more things or get a sky-high GPA or take even harder classes. Who they are right now, in the moment, I see them as a beautiful, accomplished person who will have a successful life.
What is your favorite thing to order from the Panda Cafe?
Any of Chef Kim’s pre-made salad creations!
What is something special about working at Immaculate Heart?
My colleagues care about me and how I’m doing. We all want to support each other; no one is looking to gain advantage over others or to outdo others.
How did you know you wanted to be a counselor?
I listened to my heart and that’s where it lead me — first to teaching and then to counseling.
What has been your favorite place to travel?
I once visited and spent the night in Le Mont-Saint-Michel in France. It was magical. Within that trip, I also toured the beaches of Normandy, which had been a lifelong goal of mine.

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