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Colin Turcotte, Math Department

Colin Turcotte
What is your favorite lesson to cover and why?
I really enjoy teaching about the main types of reactions in Honors Chemistry because I enjoy demonstrating each of them, many of which are explosive.
What do you hope students take from your classes?
A respect for science, a literacy in math and a love of learning.
Describe something interesting about your experience of being a teacher at Immaculate Heart.
There is a wonderful sense of community amongst the faculty. I genuinely enjoy the company of my colleagues.
What is your favorite thing to order from the Panda Cafe?
I have always appreciated the mad dash at first break to grab a breakfast burrito. Especially when I actually get one.
What school tradition shows the spirit of the Immaculate Heart school community best?
I love everything about Mary’s Day: the elaborate decorations, the art pieces, the dancing, the food.
What does “Women of Great Heart & Right Conscience” mean to you?
It means that students walk away from this school with the ethics and drive to truly make positive, lasting change in the world.
What is your favorite spot on campus?
I enjoy wandering into Mr. Lande’s room; the benches in the courtyard, which are excellent reading spots; and the chapel, which is incredibly peaceful.
What has been your favorite place to travel? Where would you like to travel next?
The hot springs in Hakone, Japan, were downright magical. I really want to visit Meteora in Greece because it looks like something out of a fantasy novel.

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