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Al Grindon
What do you hope students take from your classes?
I’m excited about learning and I hope my enthusiasm is contagious. In my freshman Bible classes, I want my students to see how great it can be when historical inquiry and close reading of Biblical texts combine with open-minded and open-hearted questioning.
What is your favorite project to assign?
I recently devised a pretty cool final project in my Bible classes. Each student had to recreate a piece of Biblical art at home and then interpret the passage that art represents. Most students had a lot of fun doing it and they were proud of how much Bible learning they used in completing and presenting their work.
Besides teaching, what other roles do you play on campus?
I’m the moderator of IH Hillel, a Jewish club on campus. It’s for Jewish students and anybody else who wants to learn more about Judaism and participate in Jewish traditions.
What is your favorite spot on campus?
Definitely the chapel. It’s small but airy and light-filled. When I need to re-group, that’s where I head.
What has been your favorite place to travel? Where would you like to travel next?
I love to travel and I’ve been to lots of interesting places. But having been through the COVID-19 pandemic, I must say that I have a new appreciation for the simple pleasure of walking around campus without a mask and being able to give a student a high five in the hall. This health crisis has reminded me not to take these small things for granted.

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