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Denise Garcia
What is your favorite lesson to cover and why?
There are way too many lessons to mention, but most come from my Advanced Algebra with Financial Applications class. I love teaching students the necessary life lessons to be financially literate young adults and to be the one to plant the seen of investing for their retirement as soon as the first paycheck is earned. This class forces me to be up-to-date with financial and economic changes from year to year, reminding me that I am a lifelong learner. One of the lessons my students look forward to the most is our taxes unit. (Super hard to believe, I know!) Taxes are extremely complicated, but breaking down the terminology and knowing how to file a basic 1040 form brings great joy to my students.
What do you hope students take from your classes?
I hope students are able to see my passion for teaching math and I pray my passion is infectious enough to keep them engaged in every class. As a math teacher, many times students enter the classroom with a closed mind, convinced that they are “not good at math.” From the very beginning, I try to chip away at this mentality because I am convinced that no one is “good” or “bad” at math. I like to convey that grit and perseverance are the tools to be successful in a math class, but, even more importantly, in life. My greatest moments as a teacher are helping a student grow in their skill level and confidence, even when the grade is not necessarily an A.
What is your favorite Immaculate Heart tradition?
My favorite IH tradition is Welcome Day. Immaculate Heart ensures all new members of the community feel welcomed and celebrated. Seeing the sophomores, juniors and seniors plan out amazing skits, songs and dances for school community members they have not met yet is just so heartwarming. I can still remember my feelings and thoughts during my very first Welcome Day. I immediately felt part of this community with so much history and compassion for others.

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