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Kristy Suzuki, Academic & College Counselor

Kristy Suzuki
What is your favorite Immaculate Heart tradition?
There are so many, but my absolute favorite tradition is graduation. After getting to know our students throughout their high school careers, it's a joy and gives a wonderful sense of pride to see them grace the stage of the Hollywood Bowl in their graduation attire of splendid white with their beautiful bouquet of red roses. They are the much-needed light in our world, and I love the idea that a piece of Immaculate Heart travels with each one of our graduates wherever they go.
What school tradition shows the spirit of the Immaculate Heart school community best?
Welcome Day is one of the many school traditions that best demonstrates the spirit of the IHHS community to me. We welcome all of the newest members of our school community through a celebration of music, dance and creativity. It sets a positive tone for the entire school year — that we are one community, one family, here for one another and that we all care about the special place that is Immaculate Heart.
What do you love about the all-girls environment at Immaculate Heart?
Our students are incredible at IH! I say that to anyone who asks me about Immaculate Heart. Each student has their own strengths, skills and interests, and they all contribute to our school and greater community. I love that our students are empowered to do anything. They learn from each other, build each other up and develop their unique voices. They are given the opportunity to grow into strong leaders with great heart and right conscience. They continually inspire me and it’s a joy to be a part of their educational journey.
What does “Women of Great Heart & Right Conscience” mean to you?
It means that our graduates (and faculty and staff) who believe in the mission of our school strive to be persons of great character and integrity, who will fight against the injustices of our world to make it a better place and to make a positive difference in those lives we touch. It means standing up for what is right, even if it is the challenging and difficult thing to do. It means doing so with love and compassion.
What is your favorite spot on campus?
There are so many, but I really love all the beautiful flowers and plants on campus. You get to see monarchs and other butterflies flying around the school, some brave lizards sunning along the walkways, an occasional deer sampling a sweet treat in the early hours of the morning, and such colorful songbirds among the bushes and trees.

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A Catholic, independent college preparatory school for girls in grades 6 through 12, Immaculate Heart has been located on a beautiful hillside property in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles since our founding by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1906. We celebrate more than a century of nurturing the spiritual, intellectual, social and moral development of students as they distinguish themselves as women of great heart and right conscience.